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MiQ evolves its leadership to continue in its mission of being the world’s leading programmatic media partner

  • MiQ co-founder, Gurman Hundal, to assume newly created role of Global Executive Chairman
  • MiQ has named Sean Reardon as Global CEO, and joins the company’s Statutory Board, whilst retaining his U.S. CEO responsibilities
  • Sean Reardon and the company’s Global CFO, Simon Tray, will continue to report to Gurman Hundal, Global Executive Chairman
  • This enhancement adds further depth and strength to the company’s leadership and their unwavering desire for MiQ to drive sustainable growth for many years to come

New York, February 24th, 2022 – MiQ, the leading global programmatic media partner, today announced that a senior leadership structural change with co-founder and current Global CEO Gurman Hundal moving to the newly created role of Global Executive Chairman and the promotion of Sean Reardon to Global CEO, whilst retaining his U.S. CEO role. The moves support MiQ’s commitment in continuing to provide its people, clients and partners with the best culture, opportunities, and solutions within the programmatic industry.

In his new role, Hundal will be focused on strategy and culture, helping the business drive its sustainable growth vision as the leading global programmatic media partner for agencies and advertisers.

“When Lee Puri and I started this business in 2010, our goal was for MiQ to be the world’s leading programmatic media partner” says Hundal. “We were obsessed by ensuring MiQ could deliver outstanding programmatic campaigns for our clients, and that desire allowed us to innovate and integrate new programmatic opportunities faster than others. But most importantly, we wanted MiQ to be the best place to work in the industry. I truly believe we are delivering on this vision and feel we have built a business model and culture which can enable us to sustainably grow for multiple decades ahead. Both Lee and I place huge importance as founders to continue connecting with MiQ’s best asset, it’s people. Within my new role I will continue to focus and enhance our strong and inclusive culture, providing both opportunity and stability for current and future MiQ’ers.”

Hundal continues; “Alongside my commitment to our culture and people, I will drive the company’s long-term agenda and strategic initiatives, be that acquiring or investing in companies, as well as building deeper, long-term partnerships with our clients and suppliers.”

Lee Puri, fellow co-founder, “To ensure you remain relevant and sustain your growth, it is always important as a business to make changes that drive the future of the company, whilst still retain your core DNA and ‘special source’. I believe these changes represent another example of MiQ doing this and I am super excited for the companies’ future. Just as Gurman believes, I am passionate to ensure our strongest asset, our people, work in a vibrant and progressive culture – with areas like inclusion, anti-racism being a real part of the cultural fabric of the business. These areas, along with ensuring our leadership keep the entrepreneurial edge and courage which has defined MiQ, will be a key focus of mine”.

Reardon, who will take the reigns as MiQ’s Global CEO, as well as joining the company’s Statutory Board, brings his extensive experience, and unfaltering vision of leading a highly inclusive and high performing business into his new role. On his promotion, Reardon said, “I am both delighted and excited to take the job as Global CEO, whilst still maintaining my duties as U.S. CEO. Over the last 15 months, Gurman, Lee and I have been working on this transition, and I look forward to continuing to work with the talented global team at MiQ, helping to drive our sustainable growth agenda into the future.”

Gurman commented, “MiQ is extremely lucky to have Sean. He has consistently delivered for MiQ and its people, and his experience within the broader media sector helps us take advantage of the industry migration of traditional forms of advertising now being executed programmatically. I am delighted he has accepted this new role and look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

As a part of these moves, Sean Reardon, alongside Global CFO Simon Tray will continue to report to Gurman. Alongside Sean, fellow Executive Management team member, Paul Silver will also join the company’s Statutory Board. Paul will be taking an enhanced role of Global President, Product and Strategy, continuing to manage the company’s Product, Engineering and Data Science practices whilst also working on long term strategic initiatives such as M&A.

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